Market Entry Strategy

The key to a successful and sustainable entry into the Indian market is an elaborated marketing strategy. Usually this means starting with an in-depth market analysis in order to get an understanding of the local market environment and potential competitors and customers. Based on the results of this analysis a market entry strategy is developed that takes into account the local mentality and culture.

Based on our experience we can tell that many new international companies are considering the incorporation of a legal entity in India. This first consideration, however, is only the next step in a long and carefully thought-out evaluation process. The majority of all business cases known to us started off by identifying a long-term business goal, followed by the definition of a very individual business strategy.
After the long-term business strategy has been made transparent to all stakeholders, an individual go-to-market approach is defined that would support the market entry strategy for India.
In this early stage brand, people and market is also be taken into consideration. By creating an optimized market entry strategy that aligns marketing and sales organizations with multiple channels, and communicating story to the right customer segment, one can achieve an increased penetration for brand, products or services in the Indian markets.