Establish Relationship:

Step 1

We get to know you and your business. We try to understand your goals, time horizon, risk tolerance and need for funds.

Collection and Understanding of Data:

Step 2

Gathering requisite qualitative and quantitative data such as audited financials, revenue driver, company profile, management profile, SWOT analysis, etc.

Evaluate Data:

Step 3

Analysis of data being provided and scanning out the relevant one for our purpose.

Value Addition to Data:

Step 4

Providing our inputs to develop long-term comprehensive plan including a formal investment policy to implement the recommendations of the plan by identifying and helping to select specific strategies, solutions, products, and services. In this stage, we will work closely with your other service providers and professionals.

Management Review:

Step 5

The processed data is shared with management for their review and comment.

Crystalize the Plan:

Step 6

Upon Management review and comment, we crystalize the plan.

Execute the Plan:

Step 7

Execution of plan by identifying and helping specific strategies, solutions, products and services. At this phase, we will engage with entities, depending upon investment requirement, buy side mandate or sell side mandate, etc.

Handholding Wherever Required:

Step 8

Above all we shall give our expertise and experience to help our client to implement their plan.